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We initiated our activities in 1999, offering translation and localization services focused on the areas of electronic games, entertainment and technology.

We have specialists from different areas, a strict quality control system and a high degree of commitment to the deadlines and needs of our clients.

We offer complete assistance in all stages of the localization process, ranging from a thorough translation to the recording and delivery of finished audios.

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About us

We are a veteran group of people passionate about what they do, especially when it comes to videogames.

Pioneers in the field of translation and games localization in Brazil, we have been working intensively since 1999, helping to develop games, protection software and products of related areas.

Our greatest motto is to ensure the excellence of our services since the initial contact with the customer until the final delivery of each project.

What can we do for our customers?

Translation & Localization

Of various materials


Of various materials

Electronic Publishing

Of printed materials and packaging


For various types of recording

Audio Production

Pre and post-production

Recording and Editing

For audio productions


Video translation and subtitling

Game Testing

Both language and function wise

Translation and Localization

After all, what’s the difference?

Translation results from the direct conversion of the original text to the target language. The work involves the least possible adaptations, which are used only as a resource to maintain the fluency of the translated content.

With localization, one seeks to adapt the original text to the cultural reality of the target language. It is a process with more creative freedom, seeking cultural approximation between the target audience and the product. Nevertheless, it is also quite delicate, because it needs to ensure that the original intention is preserved. Jokes, puns and slang are examples of content where this kind of work is fundamental to ensure insertion and acceptance of the product in the local culture. An example of success can be seen in the series “The Sims”, which gets a touch of our humor to adapt the original game to the taste and reality of Brazilians.

All in all, translation reproduces the original sense and intention, and localization adapts the original content so that it approaches the local reality and becomes more attractive to the player.


A fundamental part of the game localization process

Knowing that audio is a fundamental part of the game localization process, Quoted partnered with an excellent and experienced studio, Audioman.

For every project, we assign a PM to be in charge of the general supervision of audio and text in order to keep the entire work consistent. We centralize the whole workflow to provide a unique and easy point of contact in Brazil for all our clients, so we can dynamically solve everything related to product localization.

Quoted and Audioman have staff for each main role to execute specific tasks, like recording and mixing engineers, dubbing directors, producers, managers and assistants. A dedicated team to achieve the best audio quality for videogames.

We can manage several productions at the same time, given their team and facilities: 3 fully equipped studios, along with vocal booths.

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