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Quoted now boasts over 18 years’ experience in the translation market, focusing mainly on areas associated with technology.  We have been dealing with customers from sectors geared to protection software (antivirus, firewall and others), toys, technology products and related areas, ever since we started up activities.

More specific work, such as simulators, technical support documents and advertising presentations, warrants special attention with regard to preserving the original meaning of the text and the specific language in relation to the product.  As such, we use expert consultancy services for each issue addressed, in addition to the support of our coordinators, all in accordance with the strictest quality control.

Besides employing a highly skilled team of translators, QUOTED also hires professionals from the field of journalism and editing for the provision of services in relation to reviewing grammar and copydesk services.

We place this entire structure at the disposal of our customers, counting on the ever-present support of our experienced consultants.

The processes adopted by Quoted ensure that in addition to taking possession of their texts and presentations, our customers are given feedback on additional items which may have a bearing on the final outcome of the work. We may do certain translations without any prior knowledge of the product, but still guarantee delivery of a perfectly executed job.

In order to fully meet customers’ needs in the area of dubbing and narration, we hold partnerships with two studios in São Paulo and one in Rio de Janeiro, all ready to provide support from the time of casting to scheduling, recording and post-production, delivering files which are ready for use.

We also have a programming department designed to transform a product originally recorded in Spanish or English to a fully localized version in Portuguese, dealing with the entire process from the integration of text and audio files to the final testing of the product.


Diva, Cleber, Kelly, Paulo, Claudio, João, Dulce, Samuel, Juliana, Gustavo and Julia


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